Sticky Online!!

2007-11-16 21:04:00 by sticky49r

The Sticky Online forums are up and running!


Visit me and register!


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2007-11-16 21:29:55

im bored so ive decided to talk to you :p
right well you should make more lvls in ur game as ive said.....
and the only thing i didnt like is i couldnt get past lvl 7 but i only tried a few times cause i kept having to close it to talk to my friends so maybe a save button or passwords/cheats would be good


2007-11-16 22:37:00

I left a comment on your avoider game.
Sorry for bein so rough on ya.
What you said about the squares being supposed to piss you off though, just in the future don't include things in your games that try and make ppl mad.
Srsly it wasn't bad though.

sticky49r responds:

That's not what I meant, and I made the squares easier.